What is the history of the toilet?

Early history of toilets

Toilets didn’t exist for the early humans. They used to defecate anywhere they wanted and however, it suited them. But, the importance of privacy and covering the sexual organs was surely there. It was their religious beliefs that bounded them to keep their privacy intact. They used to defecate anywhere they want but far away from any eyes. As they progressed, they started experiencing problems in keeping their privacy intact. It was very difficult to keep young children away and also to keep the cover from the perverted eyes. The first thing they realised considering privacy is that they need abodes and houses to live in. They built huts and tiny caves to live in. And only after that, as they progressed further, they realised that there is a need for a separate space to urinate and defecate. At first, they built small confined spaces away from their houses for excretion. They experienced that still that need for privacy is not being fulfilled. So, they built the toilets in the house itself. They experienced that the odour is troubling them and also due to excessive waste clustering up, some waste is seeping into the house. For the best toilets in 2019 read more here.

So, they came to the conclusion that the waste needs to be continuously disposed of somewhere. They started doing it by their own hands and, some even kept slaves for this. But, this wasn’t convenient for them. So, they started making protruding toilets which can directly throw out all the waste outside their house into the rivers. As the humans progressed and started understanding everything, they started using clean and enclosed toilets with a proper drainage system. So, the toilets came to use only as the humans progressed and they didn’t exist from the very start. And now, we can see how advanced it has become. There are multiple kinds of toilets which we can use and they are implanted with all kinds of facilities for our comfort.

Here is a great youtube video summarizing the history of the toilet.

Why toilet is important?

The act of defecation is deemed as a very low and disgusting act. People don’t even want to talk about it and if they see someone, or even an animal doing it, they start wincing and making grimaces. But, the toilet is a really important thing in our lives. Proper sanitary solutions are a must to keep us protected from several kinds of diseases. There are still many people who don’t have sanitary facilities. Spreading awareness on this matter is really important rather than considering it a very low and disgusting cause.

Writing Style to Get You More Clients

Even if the freelancing world is new to you, or you’re doing it together with your full-time job, or you’re a seasoned expert in your field, to convince a potential client that you are the one he or she is looking for that best fit for the task is always a major concern.
One instrument for increasing your income and winning the best projects is to write a strong freelancing proposal that can outweigh the other experienced competitors.

If properly done, a well-written freelance proposal will make your target clients want you, even more than you want them.

In relation, this article will assist you on how to start the right way.
First, other than the usual format or template you have, it is best to strive on putting together a freelance proposal that is catered on giving meaningful solutions for your potential employer, not those that just simply list the offered services.

It is also important to communicate your personalized solutions according to how your potential client wants to read it. Whether the information will be through online proposal software or included in the body of an email, using the best freelance contract template, or via mail, you need to know who your client is before you even get the ball rolling.

It’s a core foundation to have a deep understanding about the people you want to deal with, which is why this tip has been mentioned over and over by some highly successful entrepreneurs and freelancers in the online business courses they’ve taught and in the business books they’ve written.
With that in mind, here are some tested by time steps to writing the best freelance proposal.

1. Make your entrance powerful.
You need to think of the ways to make a strong entrance. This will what makes your email different from the rest of your competitors.
Your potential client will be more interested in your service if you can come up with a captivating entrance that excites. It will also show that you did your research beforehand, and can actually offer a real deal in the freelancing industry.
A powerful introduction means you can demonstrate your commitment to the project since you already are showing that you’ve got what it takes to be in the game.

2. Sell your strengths.
You need to tailor your strengths and skills to that certain task you are applying for. One of the best advice offered to freelancers who are new in the business is probably to learn how to highlight his or her best abilities for a particular client need or requirement.
If you are applying as a logo designer, the make it a point to elaborate your creative skills first. If you have great marketing skills, then present some proof and sell yourself as a strong content marketer.
Don’t waste your time telling about irrelevant or unrelated strengths.
Keep your proposal short and concise because just enough information is what most clients prefer. It will help them see and understand your point as they analyze how your strengths will be put to use in their business.

3. Submit only relevant samples.
Basically, it’s vital to provide a portfolio of your works that can speak for themselves. Before you submit any of your sample works, make time on selecting your best of the best relevant writings. Most employers will check works that are related to their projects.
Send a couple of your samples together with your freelance proposal. Offer a brief explanation of how your contribution helped your past clients accomplish their plans.

But in case you are new to freelancing and got no work samples to submit, then you have to create some of your own. You can build a website and write blog posts or offer a guest post service to some authority sites. Then, you can send the link to your prospective clients. This shows that you are resourceful enough and can do the job for yourself.

Utilising the above recommendations to make your freelance proposals ensure that you are doing your best to set yourself as a unique candidate. Whether you want to validate your idea for a service offered or your goal is to earn a higher income, having a good start of being able to pitch yourself well is important.

How to Market Your Product Without breaking the Bank

Your business is set. You have the name of your company. The company logo is approved. You know how you’ll brand your product or services: how it will fit the needs of your target market and what makes you memorable and unique from your competitors.

Next step is to think about the ways on how to reach your prospective audience. With this, and since you’ll be surely busy on introducing your company and enhancing your product or services, this article offers a list of recommendations that you can apply for small business owners with precious little time but in a tight budget.

5 Ways to Market Your Product or Services without Breaking the Bank

1. Make your logo, company name and contact details visible at all times.

Don’t just put your logo on your site, especially during the initial phase of your business. Make it easy to find and be searchable on the World Wide Web. If you are selling gun safes then look for gun safe reviews and get the site covered with the information. No matter the business area make sure you have yourself covered! This will imply that the interaction with your or the company, in general, is just a click away from your target audience.

This is a very simple yet important step that is most of the time overlooked by the staff of the company. As a tip, you can place such information on the following location or areas: social media profiles, business cards, email signature (that include your phone number and with a link to your website), and in the packaging materials like tape or stickers.

This suggestion or marketing tactic may not put your business into the front area, but when starting out as a business, this is a vital step. It establishes your companies as “existing entity” to your contacts in the outside world, while at the same time helping people recall your company name and share with the public through word-of-mouth marketing strategy. And probably, without this step, the next step you’ll do may only go to waste.

2. Start communicating with your social media followers.

Many of the online shoppers today will probably do their research first before buying a product or service. Therefore, businesses can no longer expect their target market to just simply believe in every marketing campaign created.

Today, the customers often check the credibility of a company through social media information and through clients’ feedback. According to a related research, out of ten online purchases worldwide, one of them came from social media channels. This result means that now is the right time to start and it is for free.

However, don’t use everything that you can find. Choose only the ones that are most relevant to your business then only expand when necessary.

3. Include a blog on your website and write relevant info related to your business.

The two most common marketing strategies that big companies do are search engine optimization and content marketing. The good news for small business owners like you is the blog world existence, it is free to create and will help you be noticed in terms of search engine ranking for zero fees as well. You don’t need to know how coding works, but still, enjoy the benefits of getting more visitors and customers.

To get you started, here are some useful tips: put yourself in the customers’ shoes, identify what your niche is looking for, and keyword search on Google, and if you got only a few results then you’ve found a good opportunity.

4. Build your email list.

Email marketing is still one of the most useful and cost-effective channels in the world of marketing in different parts of the globe. There are various types of emails that you can send, which may depend on your offering and your audience. For example, you can email information related to product updates or news about your company. You can also send a promotional email mentioning about your special offer or discount on your product or services. Lastly, a weekly newsletter that contains the most relevant content you have or the top posts on your blog.

Similar with your blog, if you just put yourself in your audience shoes and learn to focus on their wants and needs, then email marketing can be very effective medium when it comes to marketing your business.

5. Be Creative.

When a transportation mobile application started doing business, their coupon code and logo were printed on coasters. Then, ask some of their staff to distribute the said marketing materials to bar areas where they are operating. After that, they sat back and just watched their subscribers grow more and more.

To conclude, it is not necessary to do these suggestions all at once. You can do one thing at a time each day, and watch your business soar to its full potential in a matter of time. Success is not made overnight. And if something you are doing is not really working, you can make some changes or try something else that may work. What you can do is to embrace each unsuccessful happening and apply the learnings. You could also look into finding an atlanta seo company to help market your service on a budget.

Hospital Environment Facts: How to Promote Healthier Environment for Patient Care

Medical experts believe that there is a need to design a quality medical clinic floor plan that can make people or patients feel better, cared for, safer, and less stressed. Good thing there are design professionals who realized such need and made it happen through by creating such design. A design that is challenging and in need of real mandate around sustainability and health. A design project that is not just all about the building’s engineering sustainability, but also about creating a healthy environment in each aspect.

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In relation, this article offers a discussion on the qualities of a healthy medical care environment.

To effectively build a healthier medical care industry, scaling up nontoxic and eco-friendly product lines must be considered seriously. And for healthcare facilities to be better models of well-being and health here are what the professionals suggest:

  1. Exposure to nature.

Many studies show that views of nature help patients heal quicker compare to those people who are just contained in a four-walled area with no environment view or only have the same structural view.

  1. Maximize the use of natural light.

Under natural lighting, people tend to feel better, heal quicker, use less medication, and leave the healthcare unit sooner.

  1. Serve healthy food and have an exercise room

Offer sustainable and healthy produced food to not just support the patients’ healing process, but to serve as their model for healthy habits. This works for every patient, visitors, and workers. Also some new spin bikes or exercise machines will go a long way.

  1. Provide individual patient rooms.

According to a recent study, individual rooms for patients are preferred especially to lessen or reduced hospital-acquired infections. A private room also makes it convenient for the members of the family to stay with their loved ones who are undergoing a medical treatment.

  1. Minimize the noise.

For patients who are undergoing certain medical treatments, the sounds of noises, whistles, bells, and working machines is very disturbing and stressing, particularly for the sick person who is trying to rest and sleep.

  1. Lose the institutional vibe.

It is important to make the healthcare facility feels like less of an industrial space and more of a welcoming place.

  1. Eliminate toxins.

It is a sad fact, but nowadays, a lot of the non-toxic alternative products cost cheaper and more competitive.

  1. Installation of “smarter” lighting.

With the development of technology today, manufacturers were able to produce products like lighting that help stimulate the production of melatonin at night, which make someone sleep better at night. It also helps stimulate cortisol during daytime to keep individuals more alert. For patients, this kind of lighting encourages a timeline that promotes rest.

  1. Only greener cleaners must be used.

The old products of disinfectants and cleaners contain chemicals that are known to trigger asthma. With this, now is the time to detoxify the environment of hospitals so they can actually promote healing rather than contribute to the patient’s sickness.

  1. Expose stairwells.

Any physical or moving activity is good for one’s health. In order to promote more movement in the hospital, teach the people inside it to be more active by making the stairs more visible and inviting rather than using the elevator.

Powerful Small Business Ideas for a Better Economy

Small companies are powerful enough to change the economy of a country, and this is the right time to leverage some of its widely available resources and tools to start a business. With new potential, incentives, and resolve, the owners of small businesses are finally taking the initiative to begin, rejuvenate and grow their small companies. In relation, this article offers the some of the great small business ideas that represent big opportunities for entrepreneurs.

List of Big Business Ideas for Small Business Owners

Home-Based Business Ideas

If you are equipt with one or more of the following: focus, determination, and drive, then you can definitely start a business right from your home. However, it takes a lot of research, planning, and careful thought. For further information, explore some business-related concepts such as the resources for each idea and its pros and cons, particularly those that will not exhaust your financial assets.

Technology-Related Business Ideas

There are ample of business ideas related to technology out there that gives tech-savvy business people the opportunity to use their well-developed technical or writing skills to set up successful firm. To help you get started, try to review some of the highly recommended technology-related business tips together with its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its associated resources.

Economy-Proof Business Ideas

There are business ideas that rely dependently on certain economic condition. To illustrate, try to consider the service-based business like health clubs and house cleaning. These are usually the priority in the list of the things that can be removed from a household budget in the event of financial crisis. The related business ideas are sustainable from bull to bear market and everything else in between it.

Green Business Ideas

The green business ideas available for the eco-conscious entrepreneurs can range from green cleaning to organic products to composting. You just have to look for the ones that allow you to create a profitable business while at the same time helping the environment each and every way.

Low-Cost Business Ideas

To have a large investment capital is not always necessary when starting a business. There are choices out there like various types of small businesses that only require a budget-friendly fund to start, but have the potential to gain significant revenue. Check out some low-cost small business concepts that will not exhaust your savings, but still can help you be on the road to successful business ownership.

Pet-Related Business Ideas

It is a fact that many people are pet lovers and most of them will do everything they can just to make sure that their pets are safe, healthy and always happy. With this kind of dedication that pet owners have, business-minded individuals only need to tap this potential target market and start a pet-related shop that caters to these growing number of animal lovers in different parts of the world. You can start by doing your own research from the best flea shampoo to dog food to see if this pet-related business idea is the right one for you.

In case that the list of small business ideas presented in this post is not enough to get you started, there are many ways that you can do to find the right one that fits your preferences, budget, and skills. And once you have identified that small business idea, don’t forget to qualify it and seek other people’s point of view about your business plan.

Business Trends: Coworking Marketing Strategies Used By Successful Entrepreneurs

Some startups are like the different seasons, they come and go. But in the industry of coworking spaces, there are several opportunities up for grab, no matter what the weather is because the business offers a sound and most profitable investment for aspiring entrepreneurs out there. If you are already in this field, then you would know that it is indeed a moneymaker industry but with a very challenging marketing agenda.

No doubt that coworking spaces are one of the many trends in business that is on the rise, particularly in this era when freelancing, startups, and commuting is very common. The scenario where startup owners and entrepreneurs are stuck meeting at coffee shops, houses, or renting a small space in a commercial building are often nowadays.

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Coworking spaces are the solution to this kind of set up since it can offer an escape and a community where like-minded people meet to help each other grow and network. This kind of business often encourages and invites developers, freelancers, designers, startups, small business owners, and more to have a dedicated work area that is affordable compared to a traditional office rental space.

Another advantage that coworking spaces offer is a professional setting for clients, a place away from the distractions at home. And best of all, this is a workplace that helps build community and confidence with like-minded people of the same industry.

But how does this type of business get members to join and be part of the community? This article hopes to provide the answer to this question together with some marketing ideas that can help grow one’s coworking business.

Create a High-Quality Website

Begin with the basics. Create a website that works, a good one that is also professionally done. Make sure that your mission statement is clearly defined and show the different rates you have.

Make sure that your contact information can easily be seen. Include a tab or area for company updates so that your online audience is informed on what is happening about you. In addition, also make it a point to set your newsletter where visitors can opt-in and receive email updates about your business growth, technology, networking and other relevant information.

To bring in more traffic, you can use Google Adsense to advertise your business. For potential members, the sign-up area must be easy to find and fill out. For current members, set up a form where they can easily make payments for either membership fees or rental fees.

Always remember that your website is the one basic requirement that you need to focus on and it should contain all the necessary information.

Maximize the Use of Social Media

Take advantage of the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Through these platforms, you can get further details about your members as well as the info of your potential subscribers. To help you build professionalism and network, begin or engage in Twitter chats with various niches.

Make sure that you have a dedicated Facebook page and offer your marketing campaigns using the Facebook Ads. Use it because studies show that more and more businesses are getting a lot of their members and foot traffic from the platform’s newsfeeds.As a tip, focus your advertisement on local areas since this is the right target market for you, those who are just near the area of your coworking spaces.

Offer membership perks.

You are most likely to invite more members if you offer incentives or perks for them. You can do this by creating a member referral program, wherein for every successful referral, the member gets a discounted rate on the membership fee or rental fee.

Another membership perks that you can offer is the free coworking days. Allow both members and non-members to work in your space for free once or twice each month, with free use of the internet. But make sure to keep these days limited to bring enough to more profit. Such program is only successful if they are able to bring in new members and keep the old ones.

To conclude, the most successful marketing ideas of all is to rent out the coworking space to more than just your members and make it available for hosting various events like exhibits, workshops and other group related gatherings.