Hospital Environment Facts: How to Promote Healthier Environment for Patient Care

Medical experts believe that there is a need to design a quality medical clinic floor plan that can make people or patients feel better, cared for, safer, and less stressed. Good thing there are design professionals who realized such need and made it happen through by creating such design. A design that is challenging and in need of real mandate around sustainability and health. A design project that is not just all about the building’s engineering sustainability, but also about creating a healthy environment in each aspect.

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In relation, this article offers a discussion on the qualities of a healthy medical care environment.

To effectively build a healthier medical care industry, scaling up nontoxic and eco-friendly product lines must be considered seriously. And for healthcare facilities to be better models of well-being and health here are what the professionals suggest:

  1. Exposure to nature.

Many studies show that views of nature help patients heal quicker compare to those people who are just contained in a four-walled area with no environment view or only have the same structural view.

  1. Maximize the use of natural light.

Under natural lighting, people tend to feel better, heal quicker, use less medication, and leave the healthcare unit sooner.

  1. Serve healthy food and have an exercise room

Offer sustainable and healthy produced food to not just support the patients’ healing process, but to serve as their model for healthy habits. This works for every patient, visitors, and workers. Also some new spin bikes or exercise machines will go a long way.

  1. Provide individual patient rooms.

According to a recent study, individual rooms for patients are preferred especially to lessen or reduced hospital-acquired infections. A private room also makes it convenient for the members of the family to stay with their loved ones who are undergoing a medical treatment.

  1. Minimize the noise.

For patients who are undergoing certain medical treatments, the sounds of noises, whistles, bells, and working machines is very disturbing and stressing, particularly for the sick person who is trying to rest and sleep.

  1. Lose the institutional vibe.

It is important to make the healthcare facility feels like less of an industrial space and more of a welcoming place.

  1. Eliminate toxins.

It is a sad fact, but nowadays, a lot of the non-toxic alternative products cost cheaper and more competitive.

  1. Installation of “smarter” lighting.

With the development of technology today, manufacturers were able to produce products like lighting that help stimulate the production of melatonin at night, which make someone sleep better at night. It also helps stimulate cortisol during daytime to keep individuals more alert. For patients, this kind of lighting encourages a timeline that promotes rest.

  1. Only greener cleaners must be used.

The old products of disinfectants and cleaners contain chemicals that are known to trigger asthma. With this, now is the time to detoxify the environment of hospitals so they can actually promote healing rather than contribute to the patient’s sickness.

  1. Expose stairwells.

Any physical or moving activity is good for one’s health. In order to promote more movement in the hospital, teach the people inside it to be more active by making the stairs more visible and inviting rather than using the elevator.

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