What is the history of the toilet?

Early history of toilets

Toilets didn’t exist for the early humans. They used to defecate anywhere they wanted and however, it suited them. But, the importance of privacy and covering the sexual organs was surely there. It was their religious beliefs that bounded them to keep their privacy intact. They used to defecate anywhere they want but far away from any eyes. As they progressed, they started experiencing problems in keeping their privacy intact. It was very difficult to keep young children away and also to keep the cover from the perverted eyes. The first thing they realised considering privacy is that they need abodes and houses to live in. They built huts and tiny caves to live in. And only after that, as they progressed further, they realised that there is a need for a separate space to urinate and defecate. At first, they built small confined spaces away from their houses for excretion. They experienced that still that need for privacy is not being fulfilled. So, they built the toilets in the house itself. They experienced that the odour is troubling them and also due to excessive waste clustering up, some waste is seeping into the house. For the best toilets in 2019 read more here.

So, they came to the conclusion that the waste needs to be continuously disposed of somewhere. They started doing it by their own hands and, some even kept slaves for this. But, this wasn’t convenient for them. So, they started making protruding toilets which can directly throw out all the waste outside their house into the rivers. As the humans progressed and started understanding everything, they started using clean and enclosed toilets with a proper drainage system. So, the toilets came to use only as the humans progressed and they didn’t exist from the very start. And now, we can see how advanced it has become. There are multiple kinds of toilets which we can use and they are implanted with all kinds of facilities for our comfort.

Here is a great youtube video summarizing the history of the toilet.

Why toilet is important?

The act of defecation is deemed as a very low and disgusting act. People don’t even want to talk about it and if they see someone, or even an animal doing it, they start wincing and making grimaces. But, the toilet is a really important thing in our lives. Proper sanitary solutions are a must to keep us protected from several kinds of diseases. There are still many people who don’t have sanitary facilities. Spreading awareness on this matter is really important rather than considering it a very low and disgusting cause.